• I love u n miss u beyond words, I talk to u in hopes that u can hear, so much has changed I wish you were here to share all of it with u, u were and always will be my rock, my savior, my saint, every breathe I take I just wish I would have told u that more when I had the chance! There isn't a day that passes that I can't hear something only ud say to me or lil Bree, ud be so proud of her! I just hope I can express the wonderful amazing beyond belief type of person u are and will always live on in my memories to be! Ur my daddy no matter my age, or life itself throws at me you'll always b the one man in my life that has always been there for me and raised me the best u knew how I thank u everyday for that and so much more just hope the prayers are reaching u intill we meet again daddy love u

    968 days agoThought sent by Amanda Huskey